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“The tailored Circum® cleans significantly better than all other forms of interdental brushes.”



  • (German) Mappe 01/2020


Circum® – technical articles


Quality and effectiveness

Since the company was founded in 1997, we from the Top Caredent place great value on the quality and effectiveness of our products. The results of clinical research flow into the development of our product line. The extraordinary effectiveness of our top product – the Circum® interdental brush – is proven, for example, by a randomized, controlled study (RCT) – the gold standard among scientific studies.

Prof. Dr. med. dent., Dr. odont. hc mult. Niklaus P. Lang

“With its tailored design, the Circum® interdental brush cleans as optimally when it is inserted into the interdental space as when it is pulled out of it. The fine bristles develop a cleaning effect that has never been known for any other interdental brush. The tailored Circum® interdental cleaning brush actually offers one double cleaning effect by also covering the lingual tooth sections of the interdental space. “

Dr. med. dent., MAS (Parodontology) Rino Burkhardt

“We have to provide the patient with suitable hygiene products that are easy to use but still enable effective plaque removal. The superiority of interdental brushes compared to other hygiene products is well documented. In terms of effectiveness, however, no difference could be found between conical and cylindrical interdental brushes. Only Circum® interdental brushes adapt to the anatomy of the tooth and gums and also clean in otherwise inaccessible places.»

Circum® interdental brushes

Renowned scientists have clinically examined the tailored Circum® interdental brushes and leading dentists successfully use them in their practice every day. The documents available under the heading “Studies” and “Publications” give you an insight into research and experience with the top product from Top Caredent.

In summary, you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Double effectiveness thanks to patented waist
  • Nine different sizes for optimal comfort
  • Thorough cleaning including side angles
  • Also ideal for cleaning implants, bridges and brackets



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Chronic gingivitis is the main risk factor for developing periodontitis. The development of the tailored Circum®interdental brushes from Top Caredent makes interdental care easier for patients and is a guarantee of significantly better plaque removal.

Dr. Rino Burkhardt, specialist in periodontology, European Federation of Periodontology, EFP

Top Caredent Circum®interdental brushes represent a new generation of interdental cleaning aids in every respect, which were developed in cooperation with universities. Their cleaning ability has been proven to be increased compared to other products.

Niklaus P. Lang, Prof. Dr. odont. hc. mult. The University of Hong Kong, Comprehensive Dental Care, Prof. emeritus of the University of Bern