Holder 2

CHF 3.55

Length 4.3cm
Quantity 1 piece
Available colors Green, Turquoise, Yellow and Pink


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Offering two possibilities of use, the handles are suitable for all Top Caredent interdental brushes (Circum®, A-brush, Ortho Care, Implant Care).

Top Caredent offers different models and sizes to choose from, depending on your preferences.

The handling is simple: just insert the interdental brush into the handle (slight screwing movement of 1/4 turn) and push it out or pull it out to change it.

The Top Caredent handles allow safe and comfortable use and can, depending on the model, be used frontally or inclined, according to personal needs.

Designed for professionals, the “COB Organizer” work aid allows you to grip the interdental brush directly with the handle. Convenient, fast, hygienic!

Additional information

Brand Top Caredent.
Article Handle for interdental brush – Holder 2 model.
Usage For use with Circum® interdental brushes, A-brush, < a href="#">Ortho Care, Implant Care.
Lifespan Sleeves can be sterilized and reused for an extended period of time. Sterilization: steam (autoclave), or gas (ethylene oxide).
Packaging Carton packaging, 1 piece.
Specifics Holder handles are ergonomic and practical. Ideal for use from the front or at a suitable angle. They are sterilizable and reusable.


The handling is simple. Simply insert the interdental brush into the handle, carry out its interdental cleaning. To change the brush head, simply remove it.

Additional information


Green, Pink, Turquoise, Yellow


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