Circum® 1

Ab: CHF 9.45

Insert space > 0.9mm
Diameter 4 – 2 – 4mm
Reference CBD-1

For use with Handle Holder, sold separately.


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The Circum® interdental brushes have unique virtues.

Comparative scientific studies (e.g. Lulic & Lang et al., 2011) show that the Circum® interdental brushes developed by Top Caredent have a double cleaning efficiency thanks to to its cut shape.

It adapts to the anatomy of the tooth and removes plaque (plaque of what?) effectively. Cleaning is optimal even in critical areas, such as niches, concave areas in the interdental space and “line angles”.

Regular use of Circum® interdental brushes contributes significantly to the prevention of diseases of natural and artificial teeth, prostheses, implants, as well as orthodontic appliances.

Circum® interdental brushes therefore meet the requirements of thorough cleaning better than other brushes available on the market.

Advantages of Circum interdental brushes compared to others available on the market oral hygiene.

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Brand Top Caredent.
Article Circum® interdental brushes, cut shape.
Usage With handle (Holder-1, Holder-2, IDBH-HB, IDBH-HM). Circum® interdental brushes are ideal for cleaning and maintaining implants, superstructures (crowns, bridges), maintaining orthodontic appliances.
Lifespan Top Caredent produces the highest quality interdental brushes. The lifespan depends on the use of the product and the size of the interdental brushes. As with a toothbrush, interdental brushes should be changed as soon as the bristles are no longer “new”, as they then lose their cleaning ability. Allow about 1 week for fine interdental brushes (for daily use), about 2 weeks for larger models.
For whom? Adults, people with orthodontic appliances (as instructed by professionals).
Packaging Environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. Packs of 5 / 25 pieces.


Our instructions to guarantee daily or regular hygiene of the interdental spaces:

  • Use interdental brushes preferably before brushing your teeth, and without toothpaste.
  • At first, part your lip so you have a clear view in the mirror.
  • The interdental brush with handle is ready to use and the brush can be angled for optimal access.
  • Insert the brush into the gingival triangle, angled slightly from the gum upwards into the interdental space.
  • Never force the brush head between your teeth.
  • Rinse the brush head regularly, clean each interdental space approximately twice with a slight forward and backward movement.
  • At the end, allow the cleaned brushes to air dry on a clean surface, e.g. place on the edge of a glass (quick-drying water-repellent materials).


  • The Circum® brush head with its cut design is patented.
  • The superior effects of Circum® have been proven by various scientific studies.
  • Circum® is designed with different filaments on a single brush head, a Circum® exclusive.

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