About us

The Top Caredent Group operates in two countries with its own branches and offers its high-quality products worldwide through sales partners.

Our mission

At Top Caredent, our expertise and many years of experience flow into the development of innovative, high-quality products for the maintenance of your health. Thorough, effective oral hygiene has been shown to be of great salutogenetic importance. This not only for the oral cavity, but also for the health of the whole organism.

Our vision

Our health is a precious, unique good. We owe her the greatest part of our zest for life. Promoting and maintaining them is the far better, smartest and ultimately also more cost-effective practice that we have in our own hands. We are committed to ensuring that effective, daily prophylaxis can take the place it deserves. True to the motto: “Melius praevenire quam curare.”

Our solution for you

We only offer products that have been designed for the patient according to the highest requirements of modern dental practice. Research-based development, high production standards, proven, increased effectiveness: these are the most important features of a Top Caredent product. For your health. For our satisfaction …

Excerpt from an interview, printed in DENTASTIC 03/15:

What is the most elementary principle of oral hygiene for you, Mr. Bättig?

“The key to successful oral hygiene is the prevention of oral diseases, tooth decay and periodontal disease, the regular and complete removal of the bacterial deposits, i.e. the biofilm, on the tooth surfaces and, above all, in the interdental spaces, which can best be achieved by the interdental brush. It is clear that the teeth can only be cleaned effectively with a brush, but this also applies to the interdental spaces. It should be borne in mind that around 80% of dental diseases develop in the inaccessible interdental spaces. The interdental brushes were made to prevent this, but it is precisely these interdental spaces and the points of the dental arch that point towards the tongue (lingual or buccal) that most people neglect when it comes to oral hygiene. In order to reach these positions, Top Caredent AG developed, patented and protected the Circum®.”

Your oral health is my motivation!

Yours sincerely

Curt Bättig