B-brush B2

CHF 9.45 inkl. MwSt.

Insert space > 1.3mm
Diameter 3.0mm
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Ready to use


B-brush interdental brushes with handle are available in 6 sizes.

The B-brush interdental brush allows deep cleaning and perfect oral hygiene.

Suitable for medium and large interdental spaces, with 4 cylindrical models and 2 conical models.

Thanks to its practical ergonomic handle, the B-brush interdental brush is easy to handle for everyone.

Thanks to its ergonomics and integrated handle, B-brush allows safe and comfortable use and can be used facing or tilted, according to personal needs. The brush can simply be tilted and adapted to the desired position.

The high-quality bristles along the entire length of the plastic-coated wires allow meticulous and pleasant use. It is a high quality product, developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany.


  • Prophylaxis, cleaning and care of interdental spaces
  • Helps prevent cavities and maintain the health of the oral cavity, healthy gums, removes dental plaque
  • Massages and strengthens gums, fights bleeding gums and gum recession
  • Prophylaxis and therapy of inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and diseases of the dental supporting tissues (periodontitis)
  • Prevention and control of bad breath

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Additional information

Brand Top Caredent.
Article B-brush interdental brushes.
Usage Ready to use. For cleaning the interdental spaces when using orthodontic appliances, please follow the instructions given by a professional.
Lifespan Top Caredent produces the highest quality interdental brushes. The lifespan depends on the use of the product and the size of the interdental brushes.
Interdental brushes should be changed as soon as the bristles seem worn as they lose their cleaning ability. Allow about 1 week for fine interdental brushes (for daily use), about 2 weeks for large models.
For whom? Adults, people with orthodontic appliances (as instructed by professionals).
Packaging Environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. Packs of 5 pieces.


Our instructions for guaranteeing daily or regular hygiene of the interdental spaces:

  • Use interdental brushes preferably before brushing your teeth, and without toothpaste.
  • Insert the brush head into the handle with little pressure (screwing movement ¼ turn).
  • At first, part your lip so you have a clear view in the mirror.
  • Insert the brush into the gingival triangle, angled slightly from the gum upwards into the interdental space.
  • Never force the brush head between your teeth.
  • Rinse the brush head regularly, clean each interdental space approximately twice with a slight forward and backward movement.
  • At the end of interdental brushing, let the cleaned brushes air dry on a clean surface.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Made of plastic, B-brush interdental brushes are quick-drying, water-repellent materials to inhibit bacteria.
  • Broader bristles for more protected and pleasant cleaning

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